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Movie Trailer and Reaction to Dark Phoenix

Movie Trailer and Reaction to Dark Phoenix

Here is the much awaited movie trailer for Dark Phoenix. This should be the final 20th Century Fox X-Men film. Since Disney will soon own the rights to the X-Men franchise, most fans anticipate Disney/ Marvel will be completely re-worked and will join the X-Men with a new team the MCU. The dream being realized of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the X-Men all having interaction is a distinct possibility in the near future.  But this isn’t that dream.  This movie is the last of the Fox movie version of these characters.

The Fox X-men movie series has been up and down.  The first two X-Men movies were quite enjoyable.  X-3 was a hot mess. It was incoherent and just wrong on so many levels.  The prequels with First Class were better but not perfect by any means.  They has some great moments but seemed to rely too much on screen time for Mystique and Magneto.  Apocalypse built into an almost unwatchable mess where most of the heroes just stood around.

Out of the ashes of Apocalypse comes the Dark Phoenix.  Fox already failed at telling this story once with X-3.  They decided to try it again with a movie that should keep more focus on the main story that X-3 ever dreamed about.

Part of me was hopeful when this movie was announced.  Maybe, just maybe, Fox will get this one right . Maybe they will fix all of the insanity of X-3 and tell this story as it should be.

I have watched this trailer 3 times already.  I am trying the grapple with this trailer and what is really means.  Here are my instant thoughts on this trailer.

Why oh why are they sticking with the terrible story that Jean is the Phoenix as a child but Professor Xavier partitioned her mind to keep her and everyone SAFE. This is a terrible plot from X-3 that should not have been resurrected (see what I did there). There is a scene later in the trailer with the X-Men in space.  Why not do the comic origin if you are sending them into space?  Even if you don’t want to do the story from the comics, she could still be taken over by Phoenix Force rather than making her this awful evil child that kills her parents in a car accident.  Ugggg.

I love Jennifer Lawrence but I don’t love the way they use her as Mystique. When in the comics has Mystique lectured Charles Xavier?  Can’t we just let her character be a bad girl like in the original trilogy?

Magneto is on what we can assume is Genosha.  It is an island and appears to be a type of sanctuary.   If this is Genosha, it is a sad version of this  technological advanced Mutant haven.

The scenes where Jean talks to Magneto and where the X-Men confront her with the cops are too similar to that of X-3.  I got the same visual vibes from these scenes.  The thought crossed my head that they are stealing plot and scenes from the worst X-Men. I felt frustrated because of it.

The black and yellow X costumes look cheap and horrible.  I get they are going for the Frank Quitely look from the New X-Men but it doesn’t translate well in this trailer.  Maybe they will fix the costume look before release.  Quietely’s uniforms are awesome but these are not.

“You’re always sorry Charles, and there’s always a speech. And nobody cares.” is a fantastic quote from Magneto.  That quote resonated with me but of course it is delivered by Magneto.

There are some cool looking scenes in this trailer.  Jean taking down the helicopter and the cop cars are two of them.  The Black Bird (X-Plane) in space is awesome. The moment Jean is immersed into the Phoenix is a truly spectacular visual.

Sign.  I wish I could say this trailer had won me over and I will give it a fair chance.  I have been disappointed so much by this franchise.  I was hoping this movie could redeem the bad.  My best expectations is that this movie will have a few redeeming qualities and will not suck at much as X-3.  There is so much potential with this story line but it looks like won’t live up to it once again.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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