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Top 15 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Songs:

Top 15 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Songs:

Anyone who knows anything about me or has followed the channel for the almost two years I have written for GeekyKool, I LOVE the manga team, CLAMP! Their works are stunning, deeply thought-provoking, with beautiful characters, and gripping, and detailed narratives, and leave an impression; they have been making iconic works for three decades and still going strong! ^_^

One of my favorites is “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.”  In the mid-00’s, CLAMP had almost 20 years of characters and materials under their obis.  They took numerous characters, throwing them into a universe where there is MANY worlds the main five travel to inside them it, them keeping the integrity of their beloved creations, but altering maybe their role, and connections to other characters, creating a new, engaging tale.  For original fans like me, not only did it bring new vigor for the CLAMP-verse (which IS a real thing,) but was so fun to find all the Easter eggs.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this anime! Fantasy, heart, action, character growth, comedy…it has something for everyone.  JUST BE WARNED: there is only two seasons (52 episodes,) 4 OVAS, and a short movie.  However, there are 28 volumes of the manga, so the anime barely scratches the service of the complexity of the whole story.  And, sadly, season 2 is mostly filler, which is slightly disappointing since they had the manga to use as a script. *sighs*

But, the reason for this list is the MUSIC! OH SPACE-TIME WITCHES, THE MUSIC! It is powerful, lovely, and energy-pumping, and it sinks into your core.  In fact, in 2006, this anime’s music and soundtrack won an award for the BEST MUSIC IN AN ANIME for the YEAR! A huge honor! =)

Which ones is my favorite and that get me jazzed, that I sing to constantly?  Check out the list HERE!  And yes; click the title to get the YOUTUBE link!  

This list is also fitting because there are tons of fantasy, creatures, and more detailed, dazzling costumes than one can count, a masterpiece staple for CLAMP!  How perfect for Halloween? 😉

You can check out “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles,” the anime, on Crunchyroll OR Funimation.

Top 15 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Songs:

  1. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Tokyo Revelations OVA opening- “Synchronicity”
  2. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: A Song of Storm and Fire
  3. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Ship of Fools
  4. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Break the Sword of Justice
  5. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Ending #2- “Sweet Dreams”
  6. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Strange Name
  7. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Ending #1
  8. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Opening #1- “Blaze”
  9. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Opening #2- “It”
  10. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: “I Talk to the Rain”
  11. Tsubasa: Spring Thunder Opening
  12. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: You are my Love
  13. Tsubasa: Spring Thunder Ending- Kioku no Mori
  14. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Believe
  15. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Tokyo Revelations ending- “Saigo no Kajitsu”


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