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Mr Wilson’s Review: Halloween Kills

Mr Wilson’s Review: Halloween Kills

My Buddy, Mr J. Christopher Wilson is reviewing some movies and series.  He has agreed for us to post his reviews here.

HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021), the 12th in the Halloween line-up, brings back Jamie Lee Curtis as a hardened grandmother who is injured and in the hospital. Michael Myers comes back for another round of murder and mayhem.

While blood flows freely, the murders are not the point. Mayhem is the device with which we explore what makes the monster, or in this case, monsters.

Amongst the knives and axes, shotguns and shell casings, is the overarching idea of the making of evil and the revelation—unmasking, if you will— of humanity. It’s as messy and ugly as the victims of Myers.

Of course Michael Myers is the epitome of evil run amok. He is evil unchecked, unapologetic, and unmasked. We already knew that. It’s what makes for a good horror flick.

The deeper tones of HALLOWEEN KILLS are much more chilling and disturbing than the murders or masks.

In the end, we see that mayhem is not exclusive to maniacal mass murders. Unmasked, humanity itself is mayhem driven by the machine of fear, and fear is the true curse of Michael Myers. The reason Michael is defeated and killed and resurrected is because he is not a human. He is not superhuman nor is he a supernatural. metaphorically, Michael Myers is humanity. Our fears of each other—of the unknown and unpredictable—drive our bloodlust to judge, hate, and discriminate. Our need for death—figuration or literally—continues despite society’s evolution. HALLOWEEN KILLS is as much a social commentary as it is a horror movie. That’s a lot to consider for the twelfth movie in a franchise.

Grade B-
Available on HBO Max

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