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Tomorrow’s Congressional UFO Committee

Tomorrow’s Congressional UFO Committee

The House’s Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs is investigating UFOs aka unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP).   They have attempted to get some answers but haven’t been able to get them.  The coverup is coming from all different levels of the United States government including the military and may have been going on for decades.  This subcommittee wants this to come to light and allow the American people to have some answers.   Here is a look at their press conference announcing this.

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 26, there will be a hearing about this.  This bipartisan committee wants to some answers. But will they get them?

This hearing will have various eyewitnesses and whistleblowers.  Some of the pilots and other observers have found it is not positive to share what they saw with higher-ranking officials. They should be protected as whistleblowers but instead are often interrogated.  The witnesses are expected to testify to how the crafts and objects defied known laws of physics and our technology.  There is rumor that their will be witnesses testifying about evidence of non-human intelligence.

It will include testimony from two former U.S. Navy aviators, Ryan Graves and David Fravor.   Both  of these witnesses have observed separate highly publicized encounters with what appeared to be unconventional aircraft operating in U.S. military airspace. It will also call David Grusch as a witness. He is a decorated former combat officer and veteran of the Pentagon’s intelligence community.

If you want to check it out live, the video below will live stream the subcommittee tomorrow for this investigation.  I know I extremely interested in what they find.

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