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Congress & President Briefed on UFOs

Congress & President Briefed on UFOs

Last week President Trump and Congress were briefed on UFOs.  Unidentified Flying Objects have been seen around the United States for decades.  The famous Roswell incident is but one reported encounter.

The United States has investigated and classified tons of information and incidents.  There was a craze of them back in the 70s where people were coming out of the woodwork about encounters they had. This went under the radar for a while with X-Files television series.  The overall public belief and focus was not the same as it was back in the 70s.

According to reports, the number of incidents and encounters are going back up.  This includes U.S. Military encounters with UFOs.  This has lead to the President and Congress getting an update on what is going on and the investigations.  A lot of documents are becoming declassified about incidents in the past.

What is really going on?  The Truth is out there.

(Popular Mechanics)

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