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Titans Of the Fantastic Talk Show Episode 3

Titans Of the Fantastic Talk Show Episode 3

On this episode of Titans of the Fantastic, Keith and Larry are joined by special Guest Michael Decker.  Brittney had an unexpected emergency to take her away from this episode.

Michael Decker is Costumer with HEROES ALLIANCE and Batman enthusiast. He shares with us some of his stories, his past, getting into cosplay and costuming, and about the awesome organization of HEROES ALLIANCE. We pick his brain on Batman and his perspective on this hero.

Check out our awesome Episode 3 below, on our Titans of the Fantastic Youtube channel or on our Titans of the Fantastic Facebook page.


Check out HEROESALLIANCE.org or on the Heroes Alliance Facebook page.

Keith Moncrief runs The Midwest Society of GEEKS & Nerds. Keith is the master of all geeky things.

Check out Larry at the website Geeky KOOL. Larry is the Chief Creative Officer for GeekyKOOL.com.

Brittney Greer of American Wasteland Entertainment is a writer, prop maker, makeup expert, DC Comics fan, overall geek, and award winning director.


Stay Geeky My Friends!

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