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The Original Jean Grey Returns

X-Men’s Jean Grey has died a few times over the decades and she always rises again. Okay, some of the time it wasn’t really her but the Phoenix Force. But Jean did die a while back and has been dead ever since. Yet, there have been hints of her return for a while.

Don’t confuse the adult original Timeline Jean Grey with the Jean Grey currently in the comics. That Jean is a younger version of the original. The original X-Men team were brought to the future to help Beast convince Scott that he was being an idiot. It didn’t work and Hank stranded this young team in current timeline. (That has to mess up the current past).

The Jean that is coming back like … welll… a Phoenix is the original one. She has been in the “White Room” collection pieces of the Phoenix Force. Don’t ask, I don’t understand it either.

It hasn’t been revealed how she will come back but the story idea from writer Matthew Rosenberg got Marvel’s attention. He is teamed up with comic artist Leinil Yu. It will hit stores on Decemember 27th. There will be a variant cover by Arthur Adams.  This return is a part of the new Marvel movement~ Marvel Legacy.

(Via CBR, Comicbook.com)

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