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The Horrible Movie Podcast

The Horrible Movie Podcast

Image via http://thehorriblemoviepodcast.com
Image via http://thehorriblemoviepodcast.com

I have known about The Horrible Movie Podcast for a few months.  I hace friends that loved this podcast.  I even met a few members of the podcast over the last few month.  I had great intentions to listen to an episode and try it out.  But that didn’t happen until last week.

A few weeks ago, I met Ian Ross of The Horrible Movie Podcast at the Fanatics and the Fan SDCC podcast.  We became friends and became Facebook friends that night.   I saw Ian’s post about last week’s The Horrible Movie Podcast about Krull on Facebook.  I was sold.

I fondly remember this science fiction fantasy movie.  It was wild and crazy but still KOOL.  There was a part of me always knew Krull wasn’t a great movie but would I call it horrible?  I am not sure because I haven’t seen this movie in 30 years.

I loaded The Horrible Movie Podcast onto my phone through my app- Pocketcasts.  I quicly fell in love with this awesome podcast.  The podcast took the mission to watch the movie and review it seriously but with the knowledge that this movie isn’t a great movie.

The Horrible Movie Podcast is a wonderful podcast that should be checked out.  It is too much fun to miss.  It is on now on my podcast playlist.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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