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I knew when the teaser trailer came out this spring with the wild clips of stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson to the tune of Whitney Houston’s iconic version of “I Will Always Love You” from the 1992 movie “The Bodyguard” that this was going to be an epic action comedy. But considering this is a very hard R flick I waited till ClearPlay or VidAngel got it filtered.

These two potty mouths have their own unique comedy trade marks. Reynolds is known as the sarcastic jokester. Jackson usually spews F-bombs and colorful phrases. They are both at the top of the game here, spending nearly the whole movie verbally assaulting each other.

Reynolds plays Michael Bryce. He was once a AAA-rated security agent. But when one of his clients is popped under his watch, Bryce’s career and personal life also take a big hit. A few years later, he’s recruited by a special agent ex-girlfriend to transport hitman and current federal prisoner Darius Kincaid (Jackson), from England to The Hague to testify against a ruthless Eastern European dictator (played by Gary Oldman) who is out for blood. Oddly enough Bryce and Kincaid have a bad history together and they both share romantic issues with their ex’s. ELODIE YUNG round out the cast as the interpol agent with Salma Hayek as Kincaid’s other ½.

This is a hard R-rated action film with a very high body count. Close to a hundred characters are killed in every possible way. There are multiple shootings, stabbing, strangling, explosions, throat slicing, car crashes, helicopter crashes – and one character gets pushed off a 10-story building.

There are at least a half-dozen lengthy chase sequences. Each one gets more intense than the next. A scene in Amsterdam involving Kincaid in a speedboat and Bryce on a motorcycle on the run from the bad guys is surprisingly well staged and shot. Problem with the chases the bad guys seem to have an endless supply of bullets that never seem to hit anything critical, but when the good guy killers return only a couple bullets its lights out. This duo kind of has a “Lethal Weapon” feel to it with both leads as the Riggs character.

Jackson is even on the soundtrack. He wrote and performs the ballad “Nobody Gets out Alive”, which appears twice, including a full version during the closing credits. Reynolds actually sings in a scene midway through the movie. He’s not that great but it’s still funny.

Rated R for strong violence and language throughout

The bulk of it is the sexual references, F-bombs, other language but the rating has no mention of the sexuality, which covers quite a bit of content but no actual nudity. 

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