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The BEST keyboard for Android just went free! iOS 8.0 version coming soon.

Bryan here with a heads-up for all Android phone users listening in.  One of the best add-on keyboards on the Play Store just went FREE!

I have been using SwiftKey Keyboard for over 2 years and have grown to rely on its ease of use and beauty.  Today it changed to a free app with payments only required if you want to download any “skins” for the app.  You get some skins for free with the main download, and for a limited time, if you sign up for cloud syncing, you can get three more for free.  If, like me, you paid for the original app, they will give you a “premium pack” of skins for your trouble, a $5.00 value for something I got on sale for 50 cents back on a Google Play sale incentive.

Regardless, I think it is the BEST keyboard out there and you iOS users, don’t fret too much.  With the v8.0 upgrade to your OS coming soon, you will have the ability to do what Android has for, well, forever.  Add this keyboard to your device!

Download the app from the play store here.

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