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Terraria Bosses (Lore Included)

Terraria Bosses (Lore Included)

Terraria Bosses (lore included)

By: Eli

Source: Terraria. Fandom, (lore from the actual game.)

Welcome to an article for a very famous game that nearly everyone knows and was one of the most famous games that is right next to the most famous games such as Minecraft or Stardew Valley. They just recently added one of the biggest updates called “Journey’s end” where it was supposed to be the final update, however, since the players and developers felt very compassionate about this great accomplishment, they will create and further develop more content and updates like the contributed team up between Dungeon Defenders 2 and Don’t Starve have included things from each other games.


But I am not going to talk about the new updates, OH No, I’m talking about the tyrants that what s the most key component of any video game… BOSSES. That’s right, these are the ones who can really spice up any game with a little bit of “Pizzazz” to the game. So today I will go over bosses from Pre-Hard mode up to events as well as other bosses only on certain consoles, so are you up to it? Well let’s begin then, shall we?


Pre-Hard mode Bosses

King Slime

Slimes were a mascot part of the Terraria game series, even though they aren’t very smart, they can form into a very large and powerful creature known as the King Slime. The King Slime is a beast who will attack anyone who dares harm it’s fellow slimes, it wears a jeweled crown with a ninja inside the slime itself, coincidently or not. It can teleport to the players when restrained or at far distances, this can spawn various slimes like the ROYGBIV colors. It occasionally drops the Slime Ride or Ninja Clothing, but that just that.

Eye of Cthulhu

The Eye of Cthulhu was a part of the great Cthulhu until it was ripped destroyed by an unknown being of pure power, enraged at all living beings, the Eye is always watching and stalking players in very high atmospheres. It can easily be summoned when players reach 20o total HP, Have 3 NPCs living in homes, and over 10 defenses. It will continue to attack until defeated for the first time. It floats all around the players, and, when the creature is at half health, gains teeth! Gives a whole new meaning to “Tooth and Eye.”

Eater of Worlds

The main boss when your world’s evil Is set to Corrupt, the worm is a dangerous being only born for devouring the planet itself. You must slay this being before it continues its mindless crusade or until the entire world is Corrupt. The being can only summon if 3 shadow orbs or if you use the summonable item Worm Food. This being can move through tiles and when one part of the being is destroyed, they multiply into different worms, making more difficult to kill.

Brain of Cthulhu

The Brain of the legendary Cthulhu with a very similar story where it can only be summoned if your world is set to Crimson. Its ability to float and create eyeball summons complicates the game, also, in its second form it opens the brain revealing a heart with an eye implanted on the beating object, then can gain a new ability to displace itself and teleport complicates the game even worse. It can be summoned just like the Eater of Worlds but only by breaking 3 Crimson Hearts or using the Bloody Spine.

Queen Bee

A ruler of the hive that was about to summon its workers from the larva in the center of the hive when it was located deep in the underground jungle. The Queen Bee becomes enraged when anyone trespasses her beloved hive. She has the ability to fly through walls and can deploy her bees rather than using a stinger be(e)cause she is the Alpha among the bees, she can be summoned by using a Abeemation or her Larva.


A great curse was struck upon a dark and ominous dungeon causing the countless dead prisoners to arise as skeletons, then overpowered defenses known as the Dungeon Guardians defend its keep unless the great Skeletron which, a old man was cursed by, could release but the skeletons will remain for punishment for their unspeakable crimes. Skeletron can be summoned by heading toward the Dungeon and activating the Old Man’s curse at night or by using the Clothier Voodoo Doll and killing the Clothier with it. Its abilities is to fly and attack using it hands like flipping bone head. It can attack with its spinning heads as well.


During the collaboration between Don’t Starve and Terraria they both decided it was best to have the boss from Don’t Starve called the Deerclops. The Deerclops is a large one-eyed deer monster that can only be fought in the snow biome where it can also be summoned by using a item called “Deer Thing”. The beast can smash the ground summoning a wave of ice spikes that quickly travels toward the player, can chuck ice spikes toward the player at a very far range, and can roar that will inflict Slow for 12 seconds.

Wall of Flesh

A great, large, grotesque being that attacks the wanderers who used the Voodoo Doll within the underworld and will pursue anyone who had murdered with the doll. The creature is technically the final boss for Pre-Hard mode world. The being is a large wall that will fallow you until it or you die. The recommended arena should be a large bridge that connects one end of the Underworld to another. It WILL pursue you without moving backwards, so trying bombs or guns as possible.


Hard mode bosses

Queen Slime

A Gelatin Crystal took time to form into a slime far more superior than the King, it was rumored that it could grow wings. She can only be summoned by the Gelatin Crystal that can be found within the underground Hallowed. When summoned, it will summon Crystal Slimes, Bouncy Slimes, and Heavenly Slimes to aid her in combat. When at half health, she will grow wings and strike from above.

The Twins

After the destruction of the Eye of Cthulhu a unknown person redesigned the being and made a pair of cybernetic eyes named Retinazer and Spazmatism to wreak Havok among the lands along with the other mechanical tyrants. The Twins can only be summoned by using the Mechanical Eye in the middle of the night like the other Mech bosses you will see soon. The Twins will fly, and both will do certain abilities, Retinazer will fire lasers from the cornea later revealed as a flying ray gun. Spazmatism will fire green fire from its cornea and will be revealed as a mechanical mouth.

The Destroyer

After the Eater of Worlds was vanquished, the being was reincarnated as a mechanical being of pure chaos. like its original form, it produces its own minions to fuel anguish and suffering of the world. Like the original creature, The Destroyer can create minions but cannot multiply itself, if it takes enough damage it will summon multiple drones that will pursue the players.

Skeletron Prime

Like the other Mechs the bones of the cursed being still lives and, once again the mysterious person, rebuilt and modified the creature to get revenge for the person responsible for its apparent death. Rather than having two arms it now has four, each with a different weapon like a ray gun, chainsaw, Rail gun, and a Claw. when spinning, it will grow sharp spikes that deal more damage unlike its original form.


During the aftermath of the mechs, the jungle grew, causing many plants to form with a new type of ore only found in the jungle with weird capabilities. This led to a mutated plant to take form in the middle of the jungle, a being known as Plantera! The creature can be summoned by destroying Plantera’s Bulb which is located in the underground jungle and only after you kill the Mechanical Bosses. When summoned, it will use its plant vines to grapple the walls and areas when chasing the players. She will also fire poisonous seeds toward you. When in half health it becomes faster and summons new tentacles that are also its minions.


When the jungle settled it uncovered an ancient temple where the ancient Lihzahrd used to live. Many explorers came and never returned, that’s because the ancient protector of secrets keep its secrets and prophecies protected. This boss can only be summoned by using a Lihizahrd Power Cell at a Lihzahrd Altar within the underground temple. when summoned its head and arms can be destroyed like skeletron, when its head is destroyed it will fly and fire lasers toward the players until the entire body is destroyed.

Duke Fishron

A legendary sea monster that loves Truffle Worms and will feircly attack anyone who gets in its way. The being can only be summoned by using a Truffle Worm which can be obtained in the underground mushroom biome and, when at the ocean, must fish with as bait in order to summon it. Its abilities are Sharknados and Explosive Bubbles. When in second form it flys to summon Bubble and crate Cthulhunados they remain until its defeated.

Empress of Light

A beautiful guardian who attempts to purify the world by any costs… even trying to destroy the innocent. She can only be summoned by killing a Prismatic Lacewing, which is an incredibly rare bug only found in the hallowed. She can fire prismatic lasers, missiles, and so much more. When fought in day she can Instant-Kill anyone if you get hit, however, if you manage to beat her in day, she will drop the ultimate summon in game called the Terraprisma.

Lunatic Cultist

A psychopathic cult leader who plans to release the almighty Moon Lord to end and conquer the universe. He had been planning right under your noses, stop before it is too late! He does more powerful speeds such as fireballs, ball of lightning, giant snowflake, shadow flames, phantasm dragon, and fake copies. He will get more deadly when he gets damaged over time, killing him will summon the Doom Pillars to summon the Moon Lord.

Moon Lord

The overpowered being of pure cosmic chaos has been released and is on his way to end your world if you don’t slay him now. This will be your ultimate battle yet. The being will fly and pursue you and can be summoned by beating all 4 Celestial Pillars or using the Celestial Sigil. When summoned his weak points are his eyes in his head and to hands, when all three are destroyed his core will open up to reveal a heart in which you must destroy to defeat the being. His abilities involve using phantom projections of the True Eye of Cthulhu and a Phantasmal Death ray.



These are the legendary beings that involve challenging tasks to summon or defeat, really makes the game amazing, rather than Minecraft’s 2 bosses thing was extremely boring. These bosses can make up any game and has so much lore behind them, thank you for enjoying this article.

Reporting: Eli Collins

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