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Target Advertise Captain Phasma Costume as “Boys Villain Trooper Costume”

Via StarWars.com
Via StarWars.com

In Star Wars: The Foce Awakens, Captain Phasma is a KOOL female villain played by Gwendoline Christie. She is one of the KOOLest new characters in the Star Wars universe.

KOOL Geeky girls toys are hard to find. It is about impossible to find female superhero action figures. Finding a geeky costume for a girl is extremely difficult.

Target failed on every level with this ad. They missed that this is a Star Wars female character. She is not a nameless Villain Trooper but rather “Captain Phasma”. A Captain Phasma costume would be awesome for a young girl to have. It would also be KOOL to have the costume a “Kids” costume instead of gender specific. But it isn’t a boys only costume.

(Via The Mary Sue, Rebecca Pahle Twitter)

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