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Support Comic Cave’s Go Fund Me Project

Support Comic Cave’s Go Fund Me Project

I am a regular patron of the Comic Cave in Springfield, MO.  Josh Roberts has been my friend for a long time.  I was excited when Josh moved back to Springfield and opened the Comic Cave.

In the process of having a brick and mortar store, things can happen. Subscribers may just stop showing up and not picking up their books.  In the process of Cave Con, there was a level of debt that occurred.  Josh and the Comic Cave need some extra support so John Oliver created a Go Fund Me account to bring some relief to the mounting financial issues.  In just over a day, they have raised $6,466.00 out of the $10,000.00 goal (originally $6,000.00 goal).

If you can help support Josh and the Comic Cave, then go to the  Go Fund Me page and donate what you can.

Here is a video from Josh and his reaction to the amount already raised for him.  I can tell Josh is not comfortable with asking for help but that makes it even more of a reason for me to give.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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