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Super Power Beat Downs on YouTube

Super Power Beat Downs on YouTube

Image by Ed McGuinness  via comicartcommunity.com
Image by Ed McGuinness via comicartcommunity.com

Geeks are notorious for theoretically pitting genre characters against each other in the battlefields of conversation.  The “what if” nature of these fictional dream fights have caused many a pointed finger in hopes of gaining the upper hand in the logic of make-believe.   No more is the fight taken any more seriously than between comic book characters, specifically the heroes themselves.  Everyone has their favorite characters and their opinions on favored winners or companies, and much like the mythical stories of Roman gods, fans seem to always be creating some convoluted drama to see who wins in a fight.

Bat in the Sun user’s YouTube channel has been growing with a series of “versus” short fan films with the hopes of feeling out some of these geek-inspired battles. The production now seems to be backed by some production value. These series of videos are coming under the “Super Hero Beat Down” theme and have taken on an episodic format, although it does not seem very consistent.  The creators appear to be still finding their footing.

Now, I will not say they overall are great, but I will also not say they are not worth watching.  As I have said before, I love fan films, but unintentionally bad acting and melodrama really weeds out the good few from the many bad.  But at least this series is fun to watch and very geeky.  I have seen some other Bat in the Sun productions and have not been impressed if I even stayed awake.  These little battles are short enough they do not need a story and can have some decent FX although the budget is obviously fairly scarce.

The latest video is a fight between Batman and Deadpool, which seems a somewhat strange matchup, so I will point you to the Superman vs. Thor episode, embedded below.  The actor playing Superman is also currently the official Superman of Metropolis, IL.  I do no think the character of Thor is captured very well, but, again, it’s just something fun to watch and pass your time with in a pretty KOOL way.  The costumes are great and some of the action is too.  I think my favorite is Batman vs. Wolverine which is their first.  Which one do you think the group had win in that fight?  It was a close one.

Note: These are probably too violent, and potentially inappropriate for kids but you be the judge.

Check out the Superman vs. Thor episode below and the rest of the beat downs can be found through this playlist on the Batinthesun Youtube Channel.

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