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Story Time with William Shatner @ Planet Comicon

Story Time with William Shatner @ Planet Comicon

I was very excited to see William Shatner’s panel.  He will turn 92 years old in a few days.  He might not be with us forever.

Shatner has had numerous iconic roles over the years.  He was the police officer, TJ Hooker, back in the 80s.  In the 2000s, he was the pompous lawyer Denny Crain on Boston Legal.   He was the passenger that saw the gremlin on the wings of the plan for the original Twilights Zone. But he is best know for his role as Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek.

In traditional William Shatner fashion, he took questions that lead to him telling extensive stories.  They were entertaining and fun.  He kept things light and fun.  He shared stories about playing pranks on “the southern gentleman” Deforest Kelley. He shared the story of how he didn’t want to go into space but ended wanting to go and how the experience was for him.

I have to admit I was fanboying out a bit for his panel.  I have vivid memories of watching Star Trek on reruns after school.  Captain Kirk was always so KOOL.

I didn’t stand in line to ask him a question. He probably wouldn’t have gotten to mine if I had because he spend a lot of time telling stories.  But if I had, I would have asked him to say a couple of things to the crowd being “Denny Crain!” and “Get a life!”.

Stay Geeky! 

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