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Brent Spiner Panel at Planet Comicon

Brent Spiner Panel at Planet Comicon

Late Friday afternoon, actor Brent Spiner took the stage. Spiner is a well known actor with a variety of acting experiences. He is best known for his role of Data on Star Trek Next Generation.

Brent was very humorous and self deprecating. He discussed how he never watches any show or movie he does. He stated if he watches then he spends the entire time look at himself and admiring. His tongue in cheek style has the involved.

The lines for questions in the hall were only on the right side of the stage. Brent would address the questions in his humorous method. He would often go over to the other side of the stage and make remarks about how they don’t get any love since he has to focus on the one side.

A person asked Spiner about Spot the cat. Spot was played by three different cats over the years. Brent made it clear that he loves cats in general but they were the worst actors he had ever worked with. “Trained cats, yeah right.” He went on to say that every time he read “Spot” in the script, there would be a day of film just trying to get a cat to do something.

Brent discussed his acting jobs before he starred on Star Trek Next Generation.  He was a on and off Broadway actor.  He was in numerous plays and musicals.  He went to LA for some roles but didn’t find a ton of success right away. He went back to New York but eventually made it back to Hollywood for Star Trek. 

He was joined on Stage by Jonathan Frakes for a surprise visit. Frakes came on and they discussed their new show, The Brent and Johnny Show. Check out the post specifically about it for more details.

I am really happy I went to see Brent Spiner’s Panel.  The time flew by because we were having so much fun.

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