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Scream Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

Scream Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

I attended the Scream Panel at Planet Comicon Kansas City.   The panel was maxed out on seating.  I sat on the floor as did a lot of those who wanted to catch the panel.  I enjoyed the first Scream movie even though they tricked me by killing off Drew Barrymore’s character right away and she was the reason I came to see it.  I have seen 2 and 3 but not really any since that movie.  I enjoyed the ones I saw but not a huge fanboy.  There were a lot of fanboys and fangirls in attendance and it didn’t fail to meet expectations.

The panel had stars from all 6 movies.  Melissa Barrera, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Dermot Mulroney, and Skeet Ulrich were our panelists.  Neve Campbell was supposed to be there but had to cancel her appearance.

One of the highlights of the panel was Matthew Lillard coming out into the crowd with a microphone. He handled having the crowd ask the questions.  People were flocking to get his picture and to see him.  It was very KOOL when he did this and he stayed out there for a good 40 minutes.

When the group was asked about the original Scream movie, they talked about how no one expected it.  “Wes Craven hadn’t had a hit.  The stars were two girls on TV. There was no expectations.  To be here 20 years later is unreal.”.

When asked what life was like on the set of the original Scream, Matthew and Skeet stated that they worked weird hours since it was mostly set at night.  They would work from 5 pm to 6 am.  Then they would go back and hang out and drink beer in David Arckett’s room. “Great thing about it was no camera phone. What happened in Woodbrough stays in Woodbrough.”

The group was asked the balance of humor and horror and how it worked so well.  “Building tension. Releasing the tension with humor.  Then building it back.  Wes’ process was to get people to open up and the humor does that.”

Melissa was asked about what it was like to come into the franchise with people expecting her to replace Syndy.  She stated her character was never meant to replace Syndey.  “Sam was a very different character. Sydney was the hero.  Sam is more of the anti-hero.  She was never here to replace her.”

When asked who the group would wan to be next to them if they went through a real life horror movie, Melissa answered quickly and directly with “Neve Cambell. Next question”.

When asked who is the favorite character they have ever portrayed, Matthew quickly answered with Shaggy.  “I can still go up to kids and say “Zoinks” and they know exactly who I am and freak out.

The group discussed how they are known for their roles in the Scream Franchise but they have pretty normal lives.  We have normal lives.  I coach soccer for my kids.  I cook dinner.  We are very normal human beings.”


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