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“Star Wars Rebels” – A new Jedi Hero

“Star Wars Rebels” – A new Jedi Hero

I have been closely following the production for the new Star Wars animated series. They have been releasing little tidbits here and there with characters and story development. A new villan “The Inquisitor” was debuted at the New York Comic Con in 2013.

The Villain- Article

We also met a new droid called “Chopper” in January 2014.

The Droid- Article Link

Now we finally have a new Jedi! Kanan, is described as a “cowboy Jedi” who is quick with both his lightsaber and blaster. The character is voiced by Freddie Prince Jr. Kanan is a secretive character who is cocky and brash much like a certain favorite scoundrel from the movies. He wears armor and a ponytail along with a symbol from the Rebel Alliance on his shoulder.

Only time will tell if he will become a new favorite character in the Star Wars Franchise. I encourage you to check out the video link below to see more about this new Jedi hero. I for one, cannot wait for the new series. What do you think? Does the new series look promising? Are there any characters you hope to see?

Star Wars Rebels get its first Jedi 

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