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Star Wars Make-up- A review

Star Wars Make-up- A review


Everywhere you look you will find something Star Wars. From kitchen supplies to food the invasion of themed products has begun. The Force is truly “awakening!” Recently CoverGirl released a line of make-up for the discerning Star Wars fashionista. It has been very hard to find and is a limited edition item. The line includes mascara, nail polish, and lipstick. I have only been able to find the mascara and lipstick at our local stores. I thought it would be fun to do a review on the lipstick since the mascara is not really that special or exciting.

The lipstick you didn’t know you needed- 

I am not a make-up expert and I don’t consider myself a fashionista. I am a normal everyday girl who struggles to get her eyeliner on without ending up looking like the Winter Soldier.

I chose the lipstick because that is something I can put on without looking like a clown. The Star Wars mascara was nothing special. Just black and taking advantage of clever marketing. I would have bought it if it had glitter, came in fun colors, or made my eyes the most gorgeous thing in the universe. All it promises is plump and thinken, so not really something exciting or groundbreaking.

The lipstick is rather fun. It comes in six different shades: 3 from the light side and 3 from the dark. I was able to find the Dark Purple, Lilac, and a Bronze shades. It promised to be long lasting, easy to apply, and moisturizing. It varies in price from $5.99 to $8.99, with ebay scammers selling it for $25-50 a tube. Trust me it is not worth the ebay price.

The First color is from the Stormtrooper collection: Dark Purple

My impression- Stormtrooper? Why purple? Is this after Vader has force choked them? Is it a new Phasma color? I mean she seems pretty kick butt so maybe rocking the dark purple is her thing? Honestly I would have chosen silver for the trooper look. However, it is a lovely shade and quite a bit darker than what I normally wear.

Please note: This is a pain in the butt to apply correctly without a lip liner! If you smudge it be prepared for stained skin around your lips and a slight Joker looking appearance. Trust me I am not a moron when it comes to application but this stuff is really slick like a melty chapstick. Bonus: it’s not waxy and it does leave your lips feeling soft. Just be prepared… it stains! Make up remover didn’t get all of it off. Colorlast? Not sure since I only wore it briefly.

My husbands impression: “Wow, (dramatic pause) that’s pretty dark. Not your thing right?”


Final verdict: The color is fun but not really purple. The application sucks. I could not get this even and it stained my lips. Only use with liner because it will bleed like crazy. This is a special occasion color when I am feeling a bit of the dark side.

Second Color: Lilac from the Mystic Collection

This is a very light lilac color. It is really pretty. I just don’t know a lot of ladies who can pull it off. Thankfully this one was not as staining as the dark purple. You can make the color more or less intense depending on how thick you apply it. It can be a nice sweep of frost and I think that it would look nice over another color. I put on a hat for this one because it made me think of what your lips might look like after you have been stuck outside on Hoth. It was hard to get a picture of this one because it was so light.


Final verdict: This one is is nice. It does make you look like you have a bit of frostbite and need to be stuffed in a Tauntaun. I imagine the silver color is even worse. I will probably wear this over another color. The Mister thought it was pretty.

Final Color: Bronze

This one is the Jedi look. It has a nice fresh off the sand plains of Tatooine hue without the grit. Because you know sand is course.. and it gets into things…. (sorry, not sorry) I really liked this one and it’s something I would wear everyday to work. I can see this looking nice on a variety of skin tones and even the Mister approved. “You look normal in that one babe!” Thanks I think… It was so light that it was hard to get a good picture of this one. I added the Ewok hat for extra effect.


Final verdict- Very much my favorite. The color did not scream “hey this girl got sucked into buying Star Wars make-up because it said Star Wars on the packaging.” It is a nice color and I plan to wear it to work.

Final, final thoughts-

First off it’s a total gimmick. You can find similar colors cheaper without the branding. However, it is fun and the lipstick leaves your lips soft. There are wacky colors and nice colors to please a variety of tastes. I admit I am a sucker for the branding and it gave me an opportunity to buy it for the sake of this review. Be wary of the darker colors because they tend to stain kinda like the dark side. Other wise have a little fun with the force!







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