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Spider-Woman Costume Redisign

Via USA Today

In 1978, Marvel put on the first issue of “Spider-Woman”.  I remember this issue.  I picked it up at a grocery store when I was 8 years old.  Her character was different than Spider-Man.  She wasn’t just a female version of the male hero like Supergirl and Batgirl.  She had unique powers and abilities and a costume.   It made her a KOOL and different character.


Jessica is getting a new look and costume.  It appears to be a more practical and real life like.  It isn’t designed to be an eye candy outfit for teenage boys to drool over.  Below is the side by side comparison pictures.

Via USA Today

Jessica’s costume change will first appear in the upcoming Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game.  It will then be followed up in March in her solo comic book.  She should start appearing with the new outfit in Avengers and other comics.

Via USA Today
Via USA Today

As a guy, I have always enjoyed how Spider-Woman has been drawn. She is beautiful and well drawn. But it wasn’t the best outfit for young female comic readers.  As a father of a geek girl, I love the new look.  It sends a message that a girl can be an awesome hero and not have to put her body on display for everyone.

via USA Today
via USA Today

I love this new look.  I hope these type of changes will start popping up all over superhero comics.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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  1. how you make a Spider-Woman cover sexy without it feeling completely demeaning. Admittedly, I m not sure how physically possible it is to bend like that, but the viewer isn t being subjected the the full contour and shape of her sexy parts for no discernible reason, the clothes she s wearing don t appear to be spray painted on, 
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