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Special Guests of LibraryCon

Special Guests of LibraryCon

LibraryCon has a ton of extraordinary guests in attendance this year.  Here is are some of their special guests for this year.  You can check out Exhibitor section of the LibraryCon website for all of the exhibitors and guests.

Cullen Bunn

Cullen is one of my favorite comic writers out there.  He writes a ton of stuff every month.  He has written for Image, Oni Press, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, and DC Comics. He is known for his original work like The Sixth Gun, Harrow County, and The Damned.  He is also know for his amazing work on comics like Magneto, X-Men: Blue, Venom, and Deadpool.  He is the founder of Undaunted Press and an editor of the horror magazine Whispers.

Gary Bedell

Gary is multi-talented and has 15 years of experience in the gaming, film, TV, and design industries.  He is a KOOL guy and loves to laugh.  His art is featured in the upcoming ’80s horror anthology Graveyard Slaughter by Lunchbox Press.

Luna Cooper

Youth doesn’t stop the next two guests.  These sister are extremely talented.

Luna Cooper is an artist, writer and animator. She is the artist for Ruined my Rhythm and the writer of Champions of Erendil.  She co-runs Champion Comics, an independent publishing company, with he sister Maia.

Maia Cooper

Maia is the second half of the sister dynamic duo of Champion Comics as an artist and writer and co-runner.  She is the artist of Champions of Erendil.  She has been pursuing her carreer in art and writing since age 11.

Eric Shanower

When you are a New York Times best-selling cartoonist, author and illustrator, you need to be an honored guest.  Eric has had his work published at Marvel comics all the way over to BBC Television.  He is working on a comic project, Age of Bronze, about the Trojan War.  He has two Eisner Awards, and a Gran Guinigi Award.

This awesome small convention has a awesome guests.  Make sure to check it out on Saturday August 17th from 10 AM to 5 PM.


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