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Soob! Goes Direct to Digital Release

Soob! Goes Direct to Digital Release

Warner Bros was set to introduce a new generation to Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc gang.  This film could have been a bit animated hit with kids and Scooby fans.  They had hopes to being #1 at the box office for a week or two until the big summer movies hit.  The came the Coronapocalypse and shut down theaters and much more.

Warner made decision to not release Scoob! into theaters on May 15 but to release it digitally on May 15th.  It is now direct to digital to rent or own.  It will start out as 19.99 to rent and 24.99 to purchase.  This does follow Universal doing the same thing for Trolls World Tour. The new norm is now to either push back the release date or to send it direct to digital.

(Via Variety)

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