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Sony Planning a Venom Movie Series- Unconnected to Spider-Man

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Sony Pictures has the rights to the Spider-Man movie series and to their related characters.  Sony is working with Marvel bring a new version of Spider-Man to big screen and include him in the Marvel Universe.  After two Spidey movie series, Sony will work close with Marvel to share Spidey in a shared universe where Spidey can be an Avenger.

The Spider-Man villain Venom is another story.  Sony plans on creating a movie and potentially series of movies starring Venom.

In the comic, Venom started out as symbiotic alien suit that the Web-Head brought home from Secret Wars.  When Peter Parker realized the suit was taking him over, he rejected it and freed himself of it.  The suit escaped and found its way to Eddie Brock, former journalist that Peter Parker disgraced.  They merged with their mutual hatred of Peter and Spider-Man.  Venom became one of Spider-Man’s most fierce enemies will all of the powers of Spidey and non of the morality.  Eventually, Venom evolved and changed.  Now Venom is a hero as a combination of the suit and Peter’s friend (and former bully) Flash Thompson.

It makes a world of sense distance the character from the horrible version of Venom  on Spider-Man 3.  But for Venom to be unrelated to your Spidey Franchise makes no sense.  Venom is only Venom because of Spidey.  You can’t have Venom with Spider-Man.  It is like making a Cat Woman movie without connecting it to Batman.  We know how that worked out.

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