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Solar Foods Uses NASA’s Idea for Making Food

Solar Foods Uses NASA’s Idea for Making Food

Food out of thin air.  It is like something out of a science fiction movie.  Solient Green is the first thing that comes to my mind.  A lot of sci fi has the idea of synthetic foods or foods made out of the air like in Star Trek.

NASA came up with the idea to create a type of food from out of CO₂, water and electricity.  Solar Foods, a company in Finland, has created it.  Solein (their product) is a high protein powder  (50% Protein, 5-10%, and 20-25% carbs) that looks like wheat flour.

This new process could help solve hunger.  In the future, humanity may not rely on farming and ranching to provide food for the world.  This process will take the plentiful Carbon dioxide, water, and mix it correctly with electricity instead of the resources needed to farm and ranch.

This method could also help with the higher carbon levels and global warming.  It would lower the emissions from livestock like cattle because the need would not be as great.  You can mix in renewable energy with water and C02 for the protein powder.  Lowering emissions and removing carbon for food has win/win potential.

This creation may not revolutionize things immediately.  It will probably start with protein supplements. There will be resistance to the creating of food in a bizarre and new method.  But if we can feed the hungry with an almost unlimited food supply, most people will alright with progress.

Who knows how this creation will change the world.  But it should be fascinating to watch.

(via Big Think)

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