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Snow Apocalypse is upon us

Springfield, MO is under a blizzard warning.  They are calling for the most snow fall for the Ozarks region since 1912.  The expectations is an inch or two of sleet and then between a foot and 20″ of snow. You can tell the weather men are very excited about this and have been talking about our impending weather for days.

This has caused most of the city to go into panic of impending doom.  The “French Toast Panic” (everyone going to the grocery store for Eggs, Milk, and Bread) has been ongoing for days.  Last night I went to the pharmacy in a grocery store.  The line to check out went from the front of the store, to the far side of the store by the pharmacy and Alcohol section, and clear to the back of the store. Glad I did not have to wait in those lines.

Springfield Public Schools rarely cancel school for snow.  Even they saw the Snow Apocalypse was upon us.  They canceled school last night before any of the winter weather hit.  I think it was the correct call but I was extremely shocked by this move.

By this morning, there was around an inch of sleet on the ground and roads.  I made my trek to work this morning with the roads fairly empty for the morning commute.  I had no issues with driving.

Since then, the weather has changed.  Snow has started and it is now coming down in huge flakes.  The winds are picking up.  They are expecting there to be White Out conditions later in the day.

The managers at work have a game plan.  They are starting to send people home.  I should be on my way home in the near future.

These have been a few wild wintry thoughts of my complex mind.

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