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Slave 1 Renamed to Boba’s Fett’s Starship

Slave 1 Renamed to Boba’s Fett’s Starship

The new Lego Star Wars sets are no longer referring to Boba Fett’s KOOL ship as Slave 1.  It is called “Boba’s Fett’s Starship”.  According to Michael Lee Stockwell, Lego Star Wars lead designer, they are no longer going to refer to it as Slave 1.

Is this a change that Disney has brought on?  Is this just a change with Lego?  Is the motivation for the change out of political correctness?

Mark Anthony Austin was the original actor behind Boba Fett.  He is not happy with the name change to the ship.  He has dropped several tweets about it.

(Via Newsweek)

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