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Sea-Air-Space 2024

Sea-Air-Space 2024


Sometimes I enjoy going into the world of science fact. and a good place to find that is at various defense industry related conventions. One such convention is held each year in National Harbor, MD at the Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center. It is the place to be if you want to see and hear about how fighting future wars will take the next step into the cutting edge. Something I have noticed over the years, is the fact that a lot of the exhibitors are showcasing new technology in both unmanned platforms, and communication. the digital spectrum is going to be the key and even AI has been making more of an appearance over the past couple of years.

Since I am a navy veteran, who spent most of his time on ship, dealing with things that go boom, that is where a lot of my personal focus is. I did attend a rather cool press event with BAE Systems, which talked about new upgrades to both medium caliber ship gun mounts and 30mm gun mounts, as well as upgrades with precision guided rockets and sensors. So here is that Press Event. I split it into 2 parts.


here are the photos that i took at the show.:



thanks to all the exhibitors who show up every year to engage both the military and civilian community with their cutting edge technology


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