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Agatha All Along Trailer Released

Agatha All Along Trailer Released

Agatha Harkness, last seen in the Marvel TV show “WandaVision”, having lost all her magical powers and trapped in the Westview NJ simulation that Wanda, created when Wanda places a Hex around the town, and takes the Darkhold from her. Katherine Hahn returns as Agnes, who started out as a nosy neighbor before being revealed as a Powerful witch who has lived for more than 2 centuries.

In this new show, which will run for 9 episodes, Agatha and goth boy Billy Kaplan head to the witches road-trials that will award the witch with something they are missing. Agatha wants to form a coven and regain her power. Plenty of the residents of Westview will be reprising their roles in this new show.  Just an FYI, in the comics Billy is one of Wanda’s children. Since wanda’s children were show to be alive in Dr Strange and the Multitude of Madness, they do exist somewhere.


Here is the trailer, of what looks like an interesting series coming later this year.

The first episode will be shown on Disney+ on September 18, 2024

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