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Russia/ESA to Colonize the Dark Side of the Moon


The Russian Federal Space Agency, aka Roscosmos, has the Moon in their sights.  They plan on landing people on the moon by 2029.  They will colonize the dark side of the moon with a moon base.  They are discussing a join venture with the ESA, European Space Agency.  They may also partner with China.

Roscosmos is working on a new rocket to take them to the moon.  The rocket is designed for mission to the moon and back.  They expect the rocket ready for a space flight by 2021.  They plan for the new craft to dock with the  International Space Station in 2023.

Way back in the mid 70s, the USA had plans for a moon base.  It would allow them to explore space more easily.  My six-year-old self-determined that I would live on that moon base one day.  Now I might have to live on a Russian or ESA moon base if I were to live out my dream.


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