RUMOR: Casting Call Hints at Wonder Woman for Man of Steel Sequel

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The Man of Steel sequel has morphed into much more than just a sequel for Superman. It was previously announced that Batman will co-star in this pseudo sequel. The news of Ben Affleck being named the new Batman for this movie has dominated conversations for weeks even though it is suppose to be Superman’s movie.

But if the rumors are to be believed, there will be more exciting news to come.  The rumor has Wonder Woman showing up in this Superman/Batman movie. According to Bleeding Cool, Warner Bros has a cast call for a new leading lady.  This leading lady needs to be physically strong and between the age of 25 to 35.  There is not much more details than this about this casting call.

My first thought was so what.  A ton of known characters from the D.C. Universe that could be described  this way.  This could be a brand new character for this movie.  Heck, it could even be a love interest for Batman.

But as I processed it more, I asked why Warner Bros were being so mysterious with the casting call. Why not give the ladies trying out for the part a little more to work with?  If this was going to be Big Barda, then why not announce it?  Adding Wonder Woman to this movie, even briefly, would make great sense.  It would world build similar to Disney/Marvel’s individual Avengers character movies.

Is there something to this rumor? we will find out eventually.  But this geek guy is hopeful for at least a glimpse of the Amazon Princess.

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