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Planet Comicon Kansas City Day Two

Day Two of Planet Comicon Kansas City started out with a ton of rain. Bryan and I are staying at my youngest sister’s home in Kansas City, Kansas which is about 10 minutes away from the Convention Center. It was down pouring outside. We parked about 4 blocks away so we walked in the soaking rain. I felt good about my choice not to come in cosplay this year.

When we arrived at Planet Comicon Kansas City, we were both amazed with the sheer amount of people. The line to get tickets was wrapped through the building and out the door and into the rain.  It didn’t keep fans from waiting to see their favorite geekdom or star.  Since we already had our wristbands and passes, we didn’t have to wait.

Even with the wait and the rain, the temperament of the convention wonderful. Everyone seemed very happy to be there even with the crowds. People were polite and nice over all.  It is fun to hang with fans that are so excited to come together for the fun.

Yesterday, I got to meet a lot of awesome comic creators.  We knew that the lines for the signatures on Day Two would be huge for both comic creators and the celebrities and it was.  The time to get autographs and signatures at a Con is on Friday instead of Saturday.  Not everyone knows that secret or is able to attend on Saturday.  Because of the signings yesterday, I didn’t see all of the floor until today but it was crowded.  I do think the show floor is about the same size as C2E2, which is humongous.

I did see several awesome things.  They had a couple of vehicles on display.  Check out the below pictures of the truck and the VW Bug.  They are pretty awesome.

There was a lot of KOOL sections to the show floor. They have a kids area with Legoland and video games. This is a great place to take your kid when you child has stood in enough lines and walked enough for a while. It can really help a family stay a little longer by giving their child a respite and fund.

There was a section for Star Wars fandoms. As we know, there are several different Star Wars groups with the 501st, the Rebel Alliance, and many more. They had a really KOOL section that drew in fans of all ages. Check out the droids below.

I did find the Lord of the Rings group from Springfield, MO.  I know some of their members.  They had an Ent that you can have your photo.  I had no choice but to join the fellowship and have my picture with the Ent.  The photo is on a different camera but it will be posted soon.  

I attended a few panels and posted on them. Feel free to check them out on our previous posts. . Bryan and I looked for comics and found a few great deals. We checked out a lot of merchandise and dreams of where we could put it.

It was a fun but tiring day. I have the Day Two of a convention ache. It is a sweet ache because I know I am tired and my back and feet hurt yet I will miss this when it is finished.  It is so much fun meeting people, talking to other fans, and checking out all the KOOL stuff for sale. There are so many talented people out there.

Tomorrow will be an equally fun and tiring day. Tomorrow, I have to buy some gifts for the family, get a few signatures I couldn’t get on Friday, and I am a part of the Fanatics and the Fan podcast at 3:30 pm. I am sure I will work in an extra panel or two because I will be tired and be in need of a good panel. After Planet Comicon Kansas City, we will hit the road for our three hour trek home.  

There will be plenty more coverage and post convention coverage tomorrow and over the course of next week.  Keep your eyes glued to Geeky KOOL. We will post pictures of awesome cosplayers soon.


Stay Geeky My Friends!


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