DC Comics Television Villains Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

Michael Rowe (Deadshot-Arrrow), Maggie Geha (Poison Ivy- Gotham), David Dastmalchian (Abra Kadabra-Flash) and Teddy Sears (Zoom-Flash) joined Clare Krammer (Buffy/ founder of Geeky Nation) to discuss their roles on DC Comic Television.

Michael Rowe was asked who he would play if he could play a hero.  He stated that he didn’t see himself as a hero especially with his look. He sees his best roles as villains. He did talk a lot about his role as Deadshot and Deadshot of Earth 2.  He stated he loved playing the opposite version of Deadshot on Earth 2.

Maggie Geha discussed the role of Poison Ivy.  She talked about how she used Clare Foley’s take on the character from the first two years.  She used Uma Thurman’s version to add some balance. She is very familiar with the comic version of Poison Ivy.  She also stated that she can’t see herself playing a hero.

Teddy Sears talked a lot about playing Zoom on Flash.  He loved being the fake Jay Garrick and sort of wished he could have stayed as Jay but on the other hand, playing the villain is so much fun.  He was asked about his costume and if it is hard to move in. He stated that it was an expensive costume but very light and easy to move in.  He joked that he could see himself as the Flash for Earth 2 Jay Garrick since he sort of already played him.

David Dastmalchian is a Kansas City native.  He mentioned his love for the Kansas City Royals and growing up a huge George Brett fan. Since he has been the Joker’s henchman twice with The Dark Knight and Gotham, he was asked if it was more fun to work with Keith Ledger or Cameron Monaghan.  David didn’t pick between the two Jokers but rather gave the reasons both are awesome and stated he couldn’t pick.

This was a very entertaining panel.  All four of the guests were engaging and happy to answer questions with the audience.  David asked the crowd to join in and send a message to Michael Rooker that we loved him since he had to cancel for the convention.  This relaxing and fun panel came in the nick of time.


Stay Geeky My Friends!


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