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Pacific Rim 2 Announcement

Pacific Rim 2 Announcement

Pacific Rim Trailer… One word!  Awesome!

Director Guillermo del Toro announced that he is working on several projects around Pacific Rim. Not the least being a sequel movie coming in April of 2017. He promised more Jaegers combating more and different Kaiju. I loved the first movie.  It was my favorite movie of last year.

Along with the announcement of the sequel, he also stated that they are continuing the Pacific Rim comic books to tell the stories from the early days of Kaijus and Jaegers. He will be developing an animated series to fill in some of the gaps. There is a lot of KOOL stories that will have opportunity to read and see before the sequel.

It appears that del Toro is continuing to world build in this awesome universed. I can’t wait to see more.

Below is a quick video from del Toro about the announcement.

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