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Online Geek Comics

I am all about embarrassing my geeky nature. One of the ways I do this is by ready geek online comics.  My two favorite ones are Dork Tower and PVP.

Dork Tower is comic by John Kovalic about a group of gamer friends.  These friends continually make geeky references often around role playing games and sometimes in the middle of a game. Occasional they flash to other geek references such as the one above. Kovalic’s art is alkso promenant in the Steve Jackson Games.

PVP (aka Player Vs Player) is a comic by Scott Kurtz.  It centers around a group of friends that work for a fictional video game magazine. They have a  a mythological animal friend- Troll named Skull that works with them. Two of the main characters, Brent and Cole, own the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard which can get them anywhere quickly.  This is a fun comic with all sorts of geek refernces.

Both of these comic strips hit my geeky funny bone. It is important to laugh at ourselves and both of these comics help us geeks do that. Both are usually age appropriate for teens and above. Laughter after all is healing medicine.

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