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No Wedge in New Star Wars Series

The great Wedge Antilles of the Rebel Alliance will not be making an appearance in the new Star Wars Sequels.  Actor Denis Lawson state that he was offered a role in the upcoming movies but turned it flat down. Lawson stated that he believed it would just bore him because the role wouldn’t have enough substance.  (The Verge)

My first reaction was “What? How can he turn down a chance to do more Star Wars?”  But then I realize that I am a huge fan of Star Wars and a fan of Wedge Antillies.  I would work on the set for free just to be around Star Wars.  Heck, I would pay to work on the set. But not everyone is a fan of Star Wars like I am.  Mr Lawson did have his Star Wars experience back in the late 70s and the 80s. If the role doesn’t excite him and it doesn’t help him with his acting profession, I can see why he would turn it down. But I sure wouldn’t.

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