“No Game” Says HBO About “House of the Dragon”

There was a time that Game of Thrones was pure gold for HBO.  I knew many people who only had HBO to watch Game of Thrones.  The last season did leave some fans unhappy and it wasn’t as popular as it previously was.

Even with that, I was surprised by the announcement that HBO has said “No Game” to the Prequel series, House of Dragon. This series was pitched as set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones.  It was to star Naomi Watts.

Could this series end up somewhere else like Netflix or Amazon Prime?  It is always possible.  Everyone wanted to capitalize on HBO’s success from Game of Thrones.  But with Amazon paying a ton of money to bring Tolkien adaptations of his Middle Earth stories and creating a Wheel of Time fantasy series and Netflix creating their own shows based on fantasy mammoths of Chronicles of Narnia and The Witcher, they may not have room nor money for this pricey prequel to a beloved fantasy show.

It almost feels like Game of Thrones died again.  Rarely do sequel or prequel series really pan out anywhere close to the original.  A lot of it is about timing and what happens to catch fire.  These prequel/ sequel series rarely do.

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