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New Staff Writer/Creator A.J. Blanton

New Staff Writer/Creator A.J. Blanton

I am excited to announce Geeky KOOL’s newest staff writer and creator,  A.J. Blanton.  A.J. will write articles and create videos for the site along with many other possibilities.  

A.J. is super creative.  She is an amazing artist, photographer, fashion designer, writer, and prop designer.  Her talents are endless.  She brings this intense creativity with her to Geeky KOOL.  I cannot wait to see what she brings to our website.

A.J. is one of the geekiest/nerdist people I know.  This is saying a lot since I am a huge geek myself.  She knows about every fandom interest and can school me in many of them.  She will discuss some of these in her introduction post.  She has a ton of great connections in the geek communities and will help open doors for Geeky KOOL.

Most importantly, A.J. is a great person and an awesome friend. I have known her for a few years. She has a huge heart to go along with her amazing talents.

I am honored to have A.J. join our team at Geeky KOOL.  There are some really awesome things coming to Geeky KOOL in 2019. A.J. will be a big part of these.

Stay Geeky!

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