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New “SECRET WARS” in May 2015


At New York Comic Com, Marvel made a huge announcement.  They announced their big crossover for 2015.   They are taking us back 30 years to the Mega Hit Crossover, The Secret Wars.  Marvel will celebrate the 30th anniversary by having a new Secret Wars.

The 2015 Secret Wars will be created by writer Jonathan Hickman and Artist Esad Ribic.  The Cover above will be by the sensational Alex Ross.

The Secret Wars was a super hit for Marvel back in the day.  All of the comic book fans I knew at the time, were reading it. It revolutionized how Comic book crossovers happen and the impact of a crossover.  I still have a ton of fond memories of the original Secret Wars.

Over the last few years, I have been discouraged with the big crossovers.  They are a lot of hype but never seem to produce through the whole series. This news might just convince me to give it another shot.

(Via USA Today)

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