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New Mutant Movie In the Works with Fox

Via Marvel.com
Via Marvel.com

According to Deadline,  Twentieth Century Fox is creating an X-Men spin off series, The New Mutants.  The New Mutants were a group of young recruits that Professor Xavier disciples.  They are still learning their abilities.  They are younger than most of the X-Men.

I collected the first couple of years of New Mutant comics.  I really liked this group.  I am excited to see where they take this group.  I hope they start them as a young group just learning their abilities. I am also hoping for the orginal team of Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfbane, Karma, and Psyche aka Mirage akaMoonstar.

It will be directed by Josh Boone.  Boone is the director of The Fault In Our Stars.

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