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New Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Preview & Rant


First, let me take a moment and share my thoughts about what I’m feeling prior to the premier of this show, because it is healthy for me to.

I am not sure why, but I just can not get excited about the new Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series.  Perhaps its Whedon’s track record with cancelled small-screen shows that has me leary of getting invested in one of his new shows when it may be pulled off the air too soon or before it’s been given enough time to blossom.  Or maybe its because there are none of the mainstream superheroes from either the comics or films in the series, as far as I know.  Of course, this is one of the secrets I am hoping to be surprised with, but one that leaves room for disappointment if the surprise never comes.  But I think the main reason I am not anticipating this new series is because not one trailer has impressed me.  Nothing about them grabs me as something new and exciting, or even carrying over the fun of the Marvel movies.  All the TV spots and footage reminds me more of that Knight Rider team show not too long ago which left me rubbing my eyes out, almost literally.  I do see some of the signature Whedon-esque tropes as well as the television series “action” show clichés, which may be just shown in the trailers because those typical points always test well with the general audiences.  And that is where I draw most of my concerns.  To be a successful show, this series is probably directed beyond the narrow world of geekdom, just as Disneyland has fun for all ages and genders.  Yes, Avengers succeeded with that formula, although I think the female gender could have been represented better, although there is the next one to look forward to.  But, again, there is no Tony Stark or Steve Rogers in this series, and, again, as far as I have been told.  The hat dropping of names, which is all I see from the teasers, does not quite have the same affect as Thor dropping in from the sky surrounded by lightning.  Of course, I hope I am wrong.  I guess I am looking to be convinced which is what I am waiting for because I guess the only way to be convinced is to watch it.  Even then I may need a little nudging.  I do not think I am the only one with this worry.  Other geeks I know are on edge hoping such a show bridges the gap between accepted and ongoing entertainment and the worlds and characters we so enjoy.  Right now it’s looking a bit like X-Files on crack with less conspiracy, which is not necessarily a bad thing and may be exactly the right thing.  I think Disney, ABC, and Marvel are playing it safe, maybe too safe, with this toe-dipping into the bigger waters of mainstream television.  They want the show to be successful because it is a key to bigger and better things related to comics and geekdom.  So, to totally paraphrase a competing company’s franchise film, this television show may not be the one we deserve but it’s the one we need right now, so we’ll watch it, because it’s on, because it can’t be the Avengers, but a lower-end superhero device, one a television budget can protect, a…..S.H.I.E.L.D.

We will all just have to wait and see if Coulson’s team will touch us and the stories keep us geeks and Neilsen audiences alike entertained. I would like to know your level of anticipation for this new show or any thoughts you would like to share. Until all speculations are resolved, here is a new preview for the upcoming show, premiering September 24th at 8pm EST.

5 thoughts on “New Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Preview & Rant

  1. Great thoughts Tilford. I know several people who are apprehensive about this series.

    I am excited for this show. I am not worried about this series getting pulled after 3 episodes. Here is the reason: It is on ABC and not FOX. FOX has notoriously canceled everything Whedon. ABC on the other hand has let geek series like Once Upon A Time flourish and develop a following. ABC is owned by Disney who has a lot riding on this new show so you can expect it to get every chance to grow, develop, and bring in viewers.

    I see this show as a combination of Alias (TV show- not comic) and NCIS LA but set in the Marvel U.

    I think we will see super powered heroes and villains but they may not be the A Listers. I think we have seen a clip of Luke Cage (but it could be the New Warriors character Rage instead).

    Anyway, we won’t have to wait long to see if this show can deliver on the goods or not but I trust Whedon even when the FOX network doesn’t.

  2. Well, I am not familiar with NCIS LA but do not think it resembles Alias much, but would love it to be that good. However, Alias was really only good for two strong seasons and then went down hill. I am not so worried it gets cancelled as I am that it builds to something that is never allowed to fully breathe before the door is shut. But I’m more worried about content than cancellation.

    ABC hasn’t always been good to geek shows. No Ordinary Family, although an early attempt at this genre before they really fully owned a significant superhero property, was not treated well and was cancelled just as its potential raised at the end of the first season. We never got to see them as the heroes they had grown into. I really see S.H.I.E.L.D. possibly treated the same way.

    But, really, I just do not have the time to put into another show that isn’t fleshed out, especially if it takes all season to do so. Then again, I did stick with Arrow, and was definitely not disappointed.

    But, yes, we will not have to wait long. I have to watch it anyway to know how in the heck Coulson is still alive, if they even explain it at all. I know how it could be possibly based on many things from the comics but I’m really worried they will throw out a “that’s classified” excuse and movie on. I will not like that unless an episode not too far down the line, they go into a lot more detail. To make it seem unimportant will do a disservice to the character and the motivation for the heroes in the Avengers film, and something a lot of fans of the movie will be curious about. If they get that right, then I will be on better terms with the show than I feel I am now.

  3. I agree that it looks like Alias meets NCIS LA, but I’m still looking forward to it. I’ve really enjoyed some of Joss Whedon’s TV shows, however short they were. (Firefly was cancelled way too soon, but that’s another rant…). I’m hoping that Agents of SHIELD will end up being really good and I will watch the premier just to feed my own curiousity.

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