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New Book – Endless Silver Ocean by Morgan Straughan Comnick

New Book – Endless Silver Ocean by Morgan Straughan Comnick

Author and Geeky KOOL writer, Morgan Straughan Comnick, has a new book. You can check it out on Amazon right here.  This is not her usual novel but something different and KOOL (also).  Morgan will be on Geeky KOOL Presents: Professor And Ace this Thursday at 7:15 pm Central.

Exclusive to this collection also is my new adult novella, Dreaming For You, following the story of Frankie Ragner, a former teenage Hollywood heartthrob that wants to better himself by being a producer, despite his addictions that have been forced upon him since youth. His only salvation when he sinks into his transgressions is his dreams, a lovely maiden visiting him in different forms when he’s at his worst. She gives him everything he desires, but she’s only a dream too good to be real. Still, if someone gives you such a vision, shouldn’t you chase it?

Endless Silver Ocean has tales for the young and young at heart, mature and impactful reading, all through poems and stories that I wrote from personal struggles, this work the most revealing about who I am as a person. Even when waves are choppy and cruel, I look to my words, my stars, to conquer this endless silver ocean.  (Amazon)


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