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Netflix Original Adds The Chronicles of Narnia series

Netflix Original Adds The Chronicles of Narnia series

When I was an early teen, I loved reading the The Chronicles of Narnia books. They are imaginative, creative, and wonderful fantasy stories. They were intense but not graphic.

I really enjoyed the Disney movies from The Chronicles of Narnia movies from 2005 through 2010.

For me, The Chronicles of Narnia are right up there with the Lord of the Rings.  Both were masterfully told fantasy fiction series that set the standard for generations to come. It is interesting to know that Tolkien and Lewis (author) were good friends from college.

It doesn’t surprise me that Netflix went out and made this deal.  HBO’s Game of Thrones is ending.  Amazon Prime got the rights for a Middle Earth (Tolkien) series.  Netflix needed to throw their hat in the ring to compete for the fantasy series fans.   The Chronicles of Narnia should bring in a ton of fans for Netflix just like Middle Earth will for Amazon.

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