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Mr Wilson’s Review: GLASS ONION

Mr Wilson’s Review: GLASS ONION

My Buddy, Mr J. Christopher Wilson is reviewing some movies and series.  He has agreed for us to post his reviews here.

GLASS ONION, the sequel to the hit murder mystery film, KNIVES OUT, is a knock out and falls squarely into the rare sequel that tops its predecessor. This film is the TERMINATOR 2 for comedic murder mysteries and stabs us right in the artistic funny bone. Some comedies are ridiculous fun. Others are dark and tonal. GLASS ONION is as artistic as a comedy film gets while not alienating audiences. It’s not high brow, rather, it is brilliantly accessible with impeccable acting, mindfully scripted, and it’s hysterical.

Already garnering nominations (no wins) for best Actor in a Musical or Comedy (Daniel Craig) and best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture at the Golden Globes (Oscars have not been announced), the film is worthy of a watch.

GLASS ONION isn’t silly like PINK PANTHER or CLUE, and it’s not violent or horrific like SEVEN or SCREAM, nor is it a mind-bending head scratcher like MEMENTO. No, GLASS ONION stabs somewhere in the middle of all of those films. It teeter-totters humor and death and mystery in the most beautiful and accomplished ways.

Grade A
Available on Netflix
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