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Mr Wilson goes to CBR

The Comic Book Resource (CBR) has an interesting article about comic book usage in the classroom. The article: Bluewater Unveils Lesson Plans For Educators focuses on lesson plans for using comics in the classroom.  They interviewed my buddy, Chris Wilson, of The Graphic Classroom and recognized him as the expert in comics in the classroom.  According to the article, Mr. Wilson was a partner with Bluewater in developing the curriculum for usage of comics.

I am very proud of my friend Chris. He thought outside of the box during his master’s program and his dissertation was about using the comics to increase interest in reading and advance reading levels.  He created the fantastic site The Graphic Classroom to assist teachers and school librarians with graphic novels and comics.  My distinguished friend deserves the credit and recognition for his vision.  Congrats my friend! This is just the beginning of the metamorphosis of education and the use of comics.

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