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Movie Review: Kung Fury

Movie Review: Kung Fury

Kung Fury
What if you take a cheesy action movie of the 80s and combine it was martial arts film and add in 80s technology and time travel?  You would get this fun  and over the top movie, Kung Fury.  Oh did I mention dinosaurs, Vikings and the god Thor, and a kung fu powered Hitler?

(There will be major spoilers– be warned)


Kung Fury was just an ordinary 80s cop when he and his partner attempt to capture a kung fu master.  His partner was brutally killed by the master. At that time, he was struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra.  This gave him the extraordinary power of Kung Fury.

After defeating the Arcade game creature, he discovers Hitler has come to 80s to kill Kung Fury to gain his power.  With the help of “Hackerman”, Kung Fury goes back in time to kill Hitler before he comes forward.  But there is an error in the time travel program and Kung Fury ends up in the Viking era where dinosaurs (Like Lazer Raptors) live. Kung Fury meets a couple of Viking ladies. They introduce him to the god Thor.  Thor opens up a portal and sends Kung Fury to Nazi Germany.

This leads to an over the top big battle with Kung Fury, Triceracop, Thor, the Viking Ladies, a computerized version of “Hackerman”, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex against Kung Fu powered Hilter, all of his nazis, and a giant golden eagle.

What I liked: (More Spoilers)


Are you kidding?  This was pure enjoyment.  I was a fun tongue in cheek movie from the second it started.

Here are a few of my favorite things.  The over the top 80s cop movie feel.  The crazy martial arts moves of the 80s films like Bloodsport. The corny 80s attempt at hacking and computers.  Oh and Dinosaurs, Vikings,  Thor, and Hitler.

It was nostalgic filled joy.

What I not Like:

This movie is not family friendly for the over the top gore and violence and harsh language.  I wish it was slightly toned down so I could post it to Geeky KOOL and allow my children to watch it.

Since this was only a 30 minute movie, I hated when it ended.  I could have used another hour of


I loved this cheesy fun movie.  I laughed heartily several times.  It was the type of over the top movie that has to be done right and they nailed it.

You can check it out on Youtube.  I won’t post a link since it isn’t family friendly.

My Grade: B+

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IMDB: 8.5
Rotten Tomatoes/Audience: 100% Fresh

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