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Mike Colter is Marvel/Netflix’s Luke Cage (Power Man)

Luke Cage
Netflix and Marvel has announced the star of their Luke Cage television series.  Mike Colter will portray the super strong man with unbreakable skin.

Luke Cage is an African American super hero.  He is an ex-convict that was experimented on.  The experiments gave him his super strength, endurance, and quick healing.  He became a rugged Hero For Hire but always has a good hard.  In the comics, he is currently married to Jessica Jones.

Colter is fairly well known actor.  He has been in movies such as Salt, Men In Black 3, and Million Dollar Baby.  He was a regular on television series Ringer and The Following.  He is currently on the X-Box original television series, Halo: Nightfall.

Mike Colter will guest star as Luke Cage on Jessica Jones’s Netflix series  before starring in the Luke Cage Netfix Series.

“During the course of an investigation in New York City, private investigator Jessica Jones encounters the enigmatic Luke Cage – a man whose past has secrets that will dramatically alter Jessica in ways she could never have imagined.”  (Marvel)

I think Colter is a great choice for Cage. I have seen Colter in several movies and shows. I loved him in Ringer.

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