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Marvel Announces James Spader As Ultron

Image via Marvel
Image via Marvel

Marvel has announced the actor to play Ultron in the Avengers sequel.  Emmy award winning actor James Spader has been chosen to be the evil robot, Ultron. It is unknown how Spader will portray Ultron.  I suspect Spader will be the voice for the Ultron CGI.  I can’t see Ultron being a man in a suit.

There has been very little reaction to this announcement on Twitter.  What little reaction there has been is fairly positive in nature.  The reaction is very different from last weekend’s announcement of Afflect taking over the Caped Crusader.  It could be because Ultron is not as iconic as Batman or maybe that Spader makes a good bad guy.  Or it could be Spader didn’t ruin the Daredevil movie.

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