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Mariah Carey AS Commissioner Gordon in “The LEGO Batman Movie”

According to Deadline, Mariah Carey will voice Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie.  Lego Batman’s popularity in The Lego Movie has vaulted him into his own movie.  We already know several of the other cast members.   Ralph Fiennes will be Alfred the Butler, Will Arnett will reprise his role as Lego Batman.   Michael Cera will portray Robin, the Boy Wonder.  Rosario Dawson takes up the Cowl as Batgirl.  Zach Galifianakis will be the villainous Joker.

Mariah Carey is best known for her singing career. She was named “Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium”.  She has acted in several television series and some movies.

Mariah Carey is an interesting choice for Commissioner Gordon.  His character is usually rough and gruff.  But you never know how he will be portrayed in The Lego Batman Movie.  His character may need Mariah to break out in song.

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