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Live Action Mulan To Disney+ For a Price

Live Action Mulan To Disney+ For a Price

I am not a fan of Disney live action versions of their animated movies. I don’t see the point in it. But their version of Mulan caught my attention.  This looks like an amazing martial arts film.  Then the Coronapocalypse happened.  This postponed Mulan from premiering when it was scheduled.

Disney made a hard choice and will bypass theaters and send their live action Mulan direct to Disney+.  I was excited to hear this news since I am a subscriber to Disney+.  But it is not available with just your subscription to Disney+.  On September 4, you can watch it on Disney+ if you are willing to pay 29.99.   It is not clear if the 29.99 will purchase the movie or if that is a rental fee.

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