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Lightsaber for Geek Pride Day


My four year old son used to have a cheap lightsaber but he broke it into pieces several months ago. Ever since then, he has been sneaking into his 12 year old sister’s room and taking her lightsaber so he could play with her lightsaber. Of course this doesn’t sit well with his older sibling.

He asked me to find him a lightsaber while I was gone to C2E2. Much to his disappointment, I didn’t find a decent lightsaber while I was in Chicago. There was no lightsaber gift upon my return home.

On Friday, Valerie (fellow Geeky KOOL writer) and I were discussing Geeky KOOL and some of her upcoming posts.  I happened to mention to her how Logan really wants a new Lightsaber.  We discussed the difficult time of finding a good lightsaber that doesn’t cost $20 since Logan is a rambunctious four year old.  She thought it was cute that he continues to steal his sister’s lightsaber.

Yesterday, I was hanging out at home with my kids and my towel (for Towel Day), chilling, posting like a mad dog to Geeky KOOL for Geek Pride Day and Towel Day.  I received a phone call from my friends Brian and Valerie .  They were in the area and wanted to know if they could stop by.  I am always glad to see Brian and Val.

Valerie and Bryan had just been to a geek store with used toys. Valerie is finding old action figures for an upcoming geek project that she will write about. In the process, she found a great lightsaber for Logan.  They presented it to my son and found him to be elated.  His face lit up with joy.  He had his very own super KOOL lightsaber that lights up and make the “vreem vreem” sound.

This lead to a lengthy lightsaber battle between my 12 year old geek girl and her younger but more aggressive brother.  He was determined to win against his sister.  They battled all over the yard and then they chased each other through the house.  This would not be the last duel of the day.

After Valerie and Brian had left, we went inside for lunch.  I had a difficult time getting my son to put down the lightsaber long enough to eat.  Not only would he not be allowed to play with it and swing it at the dinner table but he was informed that dueling and fighting with lightsabers will not occur in the house. This doesn’t mean he didn’t play with his new toy. He was constantly turning it on and off and telling everyone that it is so KOOL.  I am surprised he let it out of his sight long enough to shower.

On the 36th anniversary of the release of Star Wars, this was a great way to consecrate Geek Pride Day. It does my heart proud to see my children battling with lightsabers.  After all, they are elegant weapons for a more civilized age.

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